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Past Teen Testimonials

Here’s What Past Teens Had to Say About Their Tawonga Israel Experience

I am so grateful to Tawonga for giving me the space to have such a life-changing trip. I met the greatest people, I learned, I loved, and I came home with greater selfless values and a broader perspective on life and the world that I still carry out and live today. I was a camper for six years, a CIT, joined Tawonga’s Israel trip, and worked on staff. Out of all of these, I value this Israel trip the most.
– Daniella Lowenberg

Tawonga’s Israel program is an awesome way to be a part of Tawonga and to be with Tawongans while being across the world and having a completely new experience.
– Izzy Kay

Tawong’a Israel trip was my first experience traveling alone (without my family) and it felt like the perfect balance of freedom and safety. During those three weeks, I learned more about who I am as an individual than I ever did at Camp or in school. To have this experience as a teen gave me valuable skills that I continue to use today.
– Ari Ziegler

I learned a great deal traveling to Israel with Tawonga! From the diverse culture to the complex conflict and dreams for peace. But perhaps the greatest learning I experienced was not of Israelis or Palestinians, but of myself. Spending a month constantly a foreigner will force you to change for the better, make friends, and learn so much about yourself.
Isaac Katten

I realized that even though I am just one person, I can make a difference because I am being supported by and working with a whole group of people.
– Anna A

The Tawonga teen travel experience was one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life, and has inspired me in a way I did not know was possible.
– Jake O

This teen travel program has made me realize that Camp Tawonga isn’t so much a place, but rather a way of being. It has to do with loving yourself, your community, reaching out to other communities, expanding your comfort zone, appreciating the beauty in nature and Judaism and having fun. Thousands of miles away from Yosemite, I still felt like I was at camp, and it’s comforting to know that you can pick up that way of being and take it anywhere with you.
– Yael M

I loved how Tawonga’s Israel program showed me how raw and complex the country is, and let me form my own opinions from there. I heard from so many perspectives and saw so many different regions and cultures. This program creates bonds and connections and offers perspective and experience that is truly once in a lifetime. It is extremely rewarding and amazing and I would do it all over again if I could! Take advantage!!
– Jordan Hurwitz

Tawonga’s Israel Program was a phenomenal experience, traveling with friends across a new and unique landscape. What this experience offers is unparalleled in just how much one learns about Israel and its history, current events, geography and culture. I learned and experienced a tremendous amount, from homestays to dialogue with Ethiopian elders and Palestinian youth to just chilling with friends on those humid Israeli nights. I would highly recommend it!!
– Jack Hochberg

Traveling to Israel with Tawonga provides a different lens through which to experience the country than a program like Birthright. It focuses more on getting to know individuals and their stories, and seeing places you might not see on a traditional tour. It taught me about the importance of grassroots organizations and working within communities to understand what they need as opposed to telling them without actually getting to know the people and conditions. Those three weeks really changed my perspective on how to solve global challenges.
Lizzie More

Going to Israel with Tawonga changed my life. It made me consider the world from a whole new angle. I highly recommend this trip because it was so much fun and the most rewarding experience of my life.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.
– Martin Buber


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