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Why Camp?

Research Shows: Summer Camp is Beneficial for Child Development

Research shows that attending summer camp positively contributes to the growth and development of children, building their independence, confidence and resiliency. Further, in an age of social media, technology, television and over-subscribed extracurricular activities, summer camp allows children to unplug, literally and figuratively, and take a break from the daily demands of regular life to simply be kids, while breathing fresh mountain air under a blanket of stars. Jewish summer camp gives kids an opportunity to engage in experiential Jewish learning deeply and in a meaningful way that inspires connections to Judaism far after the closing campfire. Tawonga embraces these opportunities wholeheartedly, striving to give campers a truly transformative experience.

Below are resources and links to articles, blogs and studies about the benefits of summer camp.

The Benefits of Overnight Camp

by Jennifer O’Donnell

“The benefits of sending a child to overnight camp are numerous. If you think your child is ready to head to summer camp this year, consider all the things he’ll learn, all the skills he’ll master, all the friends he’ll make, and all the stories he’ll share with you for the rest of the summer.”

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‘Should I be sending my children to camp?’

By Michael Thompson, Ph.D, author of Homesick and Happy

“Does an overnight camp experience still make sense in this competitive, resume-building world? From this psychologist’s point of view, the answer is a resounding YES. I believe that children develop in profound ways when they leave their parents’ house and join a camp community.”

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Six Reasons to Attend Jewish Summer Camp

“Jewish summer camps fuse the activities, friendships, and communal life of traditional camps with the Jewish values, role models and culture our shared heritage.”

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Going to Jewish camp changed the course of my life

by Nora Smith
“For the first time in my life, I was able to connect with my Jewishness in a way that was comfortable to me — through singing and dancing after Shabbat dinner on Friday nights, through funny skits explaining the week’s Torah portion during Saturday morning services, and through nurturing my self-esteem in a community-based environment.”    Read this article

The Impact of Camp Experiences on Social Skills and Happiness

by Audrey Monke

“Many summer camp programs specifically focus on teaching, modeling, and practicing the social skills that most schools — because of lack of time and resources — cannot teach.”

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The Magic of Jewish Summer Camp

by Rabbi Jason Miller

“The benefits of those summer experiences are reaped over the course of a lifetime for the Jewish individual, and in turn for the Jewish community as well.”

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Campers, teens, staff and parents all agree – Camp Tawonga is a true home away from home…

“We love that Tawonga welcomes all, nurtures an appreciation for Judaism and the outdoors and teaches kids that being different is a wonderful thing to cherish.” – Tawonga parent

“I cried on the way to camp because I missed my family, and I cried on the way back because I knew that I had made a new family, and in that moment, I never wanted to leave.”- Tawonga camper

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