Mentorship Society

Thank you to our incredible Tawonga mentors!

Tawonga mentors volunteer to work one on one with Bar & Bat Mitzvah students to provide support on analyzing their torah portions and writing their d’rash. These mentors serve as a positive Jewish role model and provide a one on one learning experience for the students.

Become a Tawonga Mentor

To learn about joining the mentorship society, email Meg at [email protected]

View List of Members

Below are the members of the mentorship society

Aaron Mandel
Allie Simon
Ben Simrin
Casey Cohen
Charlie Dubach-Reinhold
Dylan Tarnoff
Evan Gunsberg
Jake Kramarz
Jessica Chizen
Kira Waldman
Lauren Greenberg
Linda Shak
Madaline Goldstein
Maya Abramson
Mo Weiner
Noah Marsh
Rachael DeWitt
Sam Quintana
Sonia Harris
Steven Chizen