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Camp Tawonga has had a profound impact on campers and staff alike over the years. Hear it directly from our community!


Positive Self-Image and Self-Esteem

“Our son is introverted, and at Camp, he thrives and tells us he “feels like himself.” – Tawonga parent

“My husband and I are so happy that Tawonga teaches our daughter to be herself, accept her own and others strengths and weaknesses and confirms her sense of value on this planet.” – Tawonga parent

“As a long-time parent of campers at Tawonga, and a long-time camper myself at other Jewish camps, I can honestly say that I have never seen any camp (day or overnight) as dedicated to the nurturance and care of campers than Tawonga. My kids love it like no other place on Earth. Not only has Tawonga given them some of the best experiences and friends of their lives, it has actually made them better people — developing their self esteem and confidence, enhancing their care and sensitivity toward others and the world, opening their hearts and minds. I highly recommend this camp.” – Tawonga parent

Creating a Cooperative Community

“Camp Tawonga is life changing in every way! It is the most inclusive, loving, caring community. I am so proud to be a Tawongan and to have my children grow up in this beautiful community!” – Tawonga parent and staff alumni

“Our time at Tawonga included forging and strengthening lasting friendships, being proudly Jewish in a gorgeous natural setting and to surround ourselves with a healthy and supportive community. And we had FUN!” – Family camp participant

“My son had a fantastic experience at Camp Tawonga. He gained a sense of greater self-reliance, appreciated the community/connection with campers and great counselors, and came home singing songs and feeling part of the Camp Tawonga family/tradition.” – Stacy Pollina-Millen

Tikkun Olam- A Partnership With Nature

“This past summer at Camp Tawonga I was part of the TLI program, and I can say without a doubt that not only did I grow as a leader and learn about myself as a human being, but I had the time of my life connecting with other teens and backpacking in Yosemite. Backpacking was especially meaningful to me because I was able to get to know the other TLI teens in the backcountry which fosters an intimate and real sense of connection without the distraction of technology or even mirrors. We wholeheartedly enjoyed swimming in rivers, hiking up and sleeping on El Capitan, and helping to run the trip itself through meal preparations and camp set up. I learned so much about backpacking mechanics and about my love for it!” – Tawonga camper

Spirituality & Positive Jewish Identification

“My daughter comes home every year a stronger, better person and so filled with happiness and self-esteem. Tawonga gives her such a sense of joy with being Jewish.” – Tawonga parent

“Thank you for having such quality people run this program and for fostering pride in my son’s Jewish heritage. He now identifies with being Jewish in a very positive way, and he has many fond memories.” – Tawonga parent

“One of the best thing my parents ever did for me was to push me on to the bus up to Camp Tawonga when I was 13. The tears didn’t last long…The friendships I made that summer and that I continued to make throughout my summers as a camper and staff have stayed with me for 20+ years. Tawonga has also been the single most important factor in shaping my jewish identity and connecting me to the jewish values of building community, tikkun olam, and being my best self.” – Tawonga camper and staff alum

Tawonga camper and staff alumni Shoshana Moed shares about the lasting impact Tawonga has had on her life: