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Book of Life

Tawonga’s Book of Life is an online collection of stories from Tawongans who hold camp dearly in their hearts and who have planned to make a gift to provide for Camp’s most critical needs. The stories express the influence that camp has had on their lives or the lives of loved ones and illustrate our community’s commitment to children now and in future generations.

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  • Write your Own Story to be in the Tawonga Book of Life

    If you are a Legacy Society Member, we invite you to write your own testimonial- a short statement that captures your history, experiences, values, or other reasons for your legacy gift. Each story will become a page in the Tawonga Book of Life that may appear on our website, newsletters, and in printed materials with your approval.Write a story for the Tawonga Book of Life

    Talk about yourself, your family, or philosophy, and describe the meaning Tawonga holds to you.


    Here are some suggestions to help you get started:


    1. Read the questions below and think about what might resonate with you for your story.

    • What is most significant to you about Camp?
    • How has Camp shaped and influenced your life or a family member’s life or Jewish identity?
    • How would you like to be remembered?
    • What are your hopes for the future of Camp or the Jewish people?
    • Why did you choose to make this legacy gift commitment and what do you hope to accomplish with it?
    • Include anything else you would like to mention.


    2. Brainstorm all of your ideas and influences. There is no required formula or guidelines for the type of material you may want to include in your entry.


    3. There is no required minimum or length of story. But be succinct to tell your story effectively.


    4.Select one to three photographs (portrait, family, or picture of you at camp) to be displayed on your page. You can send it digitally via email or mail a photo for us to scan and we will return it to you.


    5. Submit your statement and send your photograph(s) to Lisa Wertheim at [email protected] or send to: 
Camp Tawonga, 131 Steuart Street, Ste. 460, San Francisco, CA 94105.


    6. If you need any assistance, please contact Lisa Wertheim at (415) 543-2267.