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Tawonga Institute

Professional Training from Experts in the Field

Tawonga Institute Trainers: Becca Meyer, Camp Tawonga Camp Director (left), Jamie Simon, Camp Tawonga Executive Director and Ken Kramarz, Tawonga Institute Director

Tawonga Institute is the professional consulting arm of Camp Tawonga, offering expert training, workshops and guidance to nonprofits, NGOs, religious organizations and individuals. Tawonga trainers are award-winning, field-tested practitioners with decades of hands-on experience and a proven record of success.

Training Topics

Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Risk Management and Harm Reduction Strategy
  • Incident Command System
  • Public Communication Plans

Organizational Excellence

  • Outcomes-based planning
  • Supervising millennials
  • Motivating without money

Jewish Education

  • Fun and Meaningful Program Development
  • Radical Inclusivity

Children and Family

  • Teen health and sexuality
  • Healthy independence
  • Gender inclusion

Meet the Trainers

Tawonga Institute trainers make hard topics easy and fun to learn. Each has years of professional experience in their areas of expertise and as educators.

Ken Kramarz, Tawonga Institute Director

Jamie Simon, Executive Director

Rebecca Meyer, Camp Director

Deborah Newbrun, Director Emeritus and Senior Jewish Educator

Myla Marks, Wilderness Director

Casey Cohen, Communications and Operations Director

Aaron Mandel, Associate Director

Ken Kramarz was integral in helping San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster carry out its mission to train human services nonprofits and congregations of all faiths to be better prepared for disaster. He was able to help organizations understand and implement coordinated responses to any size disaster, and his knowledge of emergency procedures is only surpassed by his passion and his technique for teaching.

– Alessa Adamo, Former Executive Director, San Francisco Community Agencies Responding to Disaster (SF CARD)

Tawonga Institute In Action

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Get Started

For more information and to begin training for your organization, email Ken Kramarz or call us at 415.543.2267.