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Staff Testimonials


“I love Tawonga! I have seen so many lives changed this summer, both among staff and campers, and I feel so much love for the community at Tawonga. I could not imagine a better, more rewarding job in a more magical environment.”

        – 2018 Staff Member


“Thank you Tawonga for teaching me not how to be a leader, but how to be a thoughtful effective, and successful supervisor. I have grown so much in my ability to support others, to engage with challenges and to know when I need help. I don’t know who I would be without Tawonga, but I bet she’s not half as much fun.”

       – 2018 Staff Member


“There is no place like Tawonga. I grew up here as a camper and now have worked on and off for the past 11 years. If you are looking for loving and welcoming Jewish community with which to celebrate life, in a spectacular place next to the Tuolumne river. This is it.”

       – 2017 Staff Member



“In today’s world, it’s so important for kids to go outside and be able to see the wonders that this country has set aside for us to enjoy. I feel lucky that I also get to experience those wonders with the kids. Tawonga has shaped me into a well-rounded professional, has taught me the true importance of community and has made me a better person all around. I carry the Tawonga Canon of Ethics with me in everything I do when the season is over.”

       – Sean Altman: Summer Staff 2009-2015


“I was a camper and participant in Tawonga’s teen leadership programs before working on staff. As a camper, I always wanted to be on staff because they are such good role models. They show the campers how to be good people, in the way they treat each other and in the love they show for nature, campers, and the community. Tawonga has always been my second home and it is where I have thrived.”

       – Sam Berry: Tawonga Camper 2001-2009 / Summer Staff 2011-2017



“Working at Camp Tawonga is the most rewarding experience a person can have. Every day I felt blessed to be in such a beautiful place, surrounded by the most inspiring people, changing the lives of children for whom I genuinely care. Tawonga brings everyone’s strengths together to form a strong community of staff members who love and support each other in the spirit of creating the best camp experience possible. I know my experiences have shaped me for the best.”

       – Melanie: Camper and Staff Alumni


“I owe so much to Camp Tawonga. Growing up there as a child, and now on staff for over 15 years, Tawonga has made my who I am. The community is so unique and special it is really indescribable. It was there I learned to love nature, to be myself and to be surrounded by a nurturing community. I am so grateful to call Camp my home away from home, and look forward to my daughter spending her summers there.”

       – Camper and Staff Alumni


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