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Upcoming Events

Welcome to our local events page! We hope to welcome you to an upcoming “Down the Mountain” program soon.

Celebrate the Light of Hanukkah
Join us for the third night!

Tuesday, November 30 | Berkeley | 6pm-8pm

Celebrate Hanukkah at Netivot Shalom this year! The building will be swarming with activity: lots of latkes, dreidel games, live music, arts and crafts, and presentations by local summer camps and Jewish Youth organizations. Let’s celebrate the miracles of Hanukkah (and our ability to bring families together again in person!). Sign up! 

Note: All food will be served and eaten outside of the building in observance of COVID-19 protocols.

Tawonga will have a table with activities along with other camps. Come by and say hello!

Hannukah Celebration
Hosted by OFJCC

Thursday, December 2 | Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto | 5pm-6pm

Celebrate the Jewish festival of lights with a musical performance by Octopretzel, a fun musical group that will delight you with their music and a puppet show! This event will have something for everyone: arts and crafts for the kids, dreidel games and a special candle lighting ceremony. Event hosted by OFJCC with Tawonga presence. More Info

More Ways to Engage

Check out recordings of past events below – or take a break from screen time with Tawonga radio.

Also … get ready to register for Tawonga’s 2022 season! Check out our program line up here and information about registration.

Tawonga Radio

Tap into the Camp spirit and take a break from screens through Tawonga Radio! Stories below:

📻  From Monotone to the Moon: How One Song Leader Found His Voice: Elan Lavie was a camp song leader who didn’t quite know how to sing. Through sheer determination, he found a way and brought a bunk of 12-year-old boys closer in the process.

📻  Emmett Cooks: From Tawonga Kitchen Staff to Culinary Entrepreneur: When Tawonga’s 2020 summer season was cancelled, Tawonga Lead Cook, Emmett Verba, took a leap of faith. He started “Emmett Cooks,” delivering inventive meals all around the Bay Area. Hear how he got his business off the ground.

📻  Journeys to Tawonga: Ken Kramarz: Former Tawonga Executive Director Ken Kramarz shares how his entire life changed after the summer of 1981 when he worked as a Tawonga Unit Head. “It was a total antidote to everything I had experienced.”

📻  Journeys to Tawonga: Becca Meyer: What made Camp Director Becca Meyer shift from pursuing a PhD in cognitive neuroscience, and studying the brains of mice, to working at Tawonga? Listen to find out!

📻  Journeys to Tawonga: Rabbi Laura Rumpf: What do marshmallows have to do with Jewish teaching? At Tawonga, it turns out, a lot! Listen to this “Journey to Tawonga” with Rabbi Laura Rumpf to hear more.

📻  Journeys to Tawonga: Brenton “Big Fiji” Seeto: How does someone working at a resort halfway around the world in Fiji come to find a home on Tawonga’s summer staff? Listen to find out.

📻  Journeys to Tawonga: Liz Chenok: Liz Chenok survived the embarrassment of showing up at Camp to work her first summer with her entire family in a minivan; now she’s a member of Tawonga’s year-round staff!



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