Family Camp FAQs

With the excellent success and rollout of vaccines, we are able to offer our more traditional Family Camps in 2021 with some modifications for COVID-19 safety like masks, outdoor dining and social distancing! 

2021 Family Camp FAQs & COVID-19 Safety

Which Family Camp programs are being offered in 2021?

In 2021, we will be offering a COVID-safe version of our traditional Family Camps! Families will enjoy the many activities Tawonga has to offer like swimming, boating, arts and crafts, hiking, yoga, s’mores and more, while maintaining social distance from other households. Children ages three and up will be able to participate in day groups in the morning while adults have the opportunity to get a massage, do yoga, go on a hike, or attend a workshop. Parents can enjoy evening childcare for all ages once the children are asleep. Each family will have a private cabin and designated bathroom facility, and all meals will be served outside. We will be offering these four-day, three-night programs in August, September, and early October. Click here to see dates and rates.

How will Family Camp be adapted in light of COVID-19?

  • Cabin Assignments
    • Each family will be assigned to their own cabin. If you are already in a pod with another family and would like to share a cabin, please email and let us know! 
  • Day Groups
    • We are thrilled to be able to offer morning childcare/day groups to kids ages three and older. The children will participate in activities outside and masked.
    • For those with little ones under three, we will have some fun baby/toddler and parent activities to enjoy!
    • We are sorry we are not able to provide childcare in the mornings for children under three. This is due to masking, distancing and staffing constraints due to COVID-19. Please note that children under three pay a reduced price.
  • Meal Service
    • Families will enjoy delicious, nutritious Family Camp style meals in our outdoor dining pavilion! Each family will have their own table and lots of delicious options to enjoy.
  • Shmira (Nighttime Childcare/Babysitting)
    • After parents put children to sleep, parents can enjoy adult beverages and snacks while our loving Tawonga staff watch over sleeping children of all ages until 11pm! 
  • COVID Safety
    • We ask families to follow our ⅔ rule which is to always have two of these three things: masking, distancing, and/or outdoors. So you can be outside and distant and unmasked or outside and close and masked or inside and distant and masked.

Click here to learn more about our Family Camp programs.

What about vaccinations and COVID-19 testing?

  • COVID-19 Vaccinations
    • Everyone 12 years and older needs to be vaccinated for COVID-19 in order to attend a Family Camp weekend. Please email for a medical or religious exception.
  • COVID-19 Testing
    • Due to the Delta variant and breakthrough cases of COVID-19 in vaccinated individuals, we are requiring that everyone attending the weekend (regardless of vaccination status) show proof of a negative PCR test for COVID-19 taken 3-5 days before the start of the program.
    • Tests can be scheduled through your doctor, COLOR, Carbon Health, CVS pharmacy, Walgreens pharmacy, your county health department, Kaiser, Test The People (Oakland) and other local health entities, or through an at-home PCR test like Pixel by LabCorp.
    • We recommend testing on the Saturday or Sunday before the start of the Family Camp Weekend to ensure results before your arrival at Camp. We will ask you to show your negative test results at the check-in table when you arrive. Please note that there is no wifi or cell reception so you should ensure that you have a printed copy or a screen shot available. 

What do we need to do prior to coming to Camp to ensure health & safety?

  • Pre-Camp Behavior to Ensure Health & Safety
    • We are asking that all Family Camp participants take conservative precautions in the eight days prior to arriving at Camp to protect our entire community.
    • In accordance with the most current CDC guidelines, all participants (regardless of vaccination status) are expected to wear a mask anytime they are indoors, outside of their own home, including at the grocery store, school, and work.
    • Participants should not participate in large gatherings, airline travel, or indoor dining, and should exercise general caution to keep Camp safe.

Can I sign up with another family?

  • You can try to register for the same weekend with friends.  However, we can not guarantee you will get into the same weekend. We have limited spaces and want to make it fair for everyone.
  • Each family needs to register separately. The only exception to this rule is that additional adult family members that are in your pod, such as an uncle or grandparent, can be added to your registration. They will be housed in your cabin.
  • An au pair or nanny, that is in your pod, can be added to your registration. They will be housed in your cabin.

If you are attending the same weekend as friends, we ask all families to remain socially distant from other families while participating in our program (i.e. stay either six feet apart or masked, and outside at all times). These policies are in place to keep our community as safe as possible.

Will childcare be available?

  • We are thrilled to be able to offer morning day groups for kids ages three and older. The children will participate in activities outside and masked. For those with little ones under three, we will have some fun baby/toddler and parent activities to enjoy! Due to masking, distancing and staffing constraints as a result of COVID-19, we are unfortunately not able to safely provide childcare in the mornings for children under three. Please note that children under three pay a reduced price. Parents can enjoy evening childcare for all ages once the children are asleep.

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General Family Camp FAQs

The below FAQs relate to our traditional Family Camp programming, which we hope to run in future seasons. Some information is still relevant to 2021, such as what to pack!

What is Camp Tawonga Family Camp?

Our weekend family programs are designed to combine all the best parts of a summer session at Tawonga into an extended four day weekend for the whole family! We welcome infants through grandparents for a unique blend of classic Camp activities, campfires, song sessions, a festive Shabbat celebration, family bonding and fun!

What do we do at Family Camp? Can adults participate in activities?

Yes! Each Family Camp features a similar schedule where kids spend their mornings in groups with similar aged kids participating in traditional Tawonga activities while adults have the opportunity to choose from a variety of programmatic options such as hiking, river dipping, yoga classes, workshops, classic camp activities, or relaxing and reading under a tree! In the afternoons, families participate in activities all together and can choose to swim in our Olympic-sized pool, paddle boat on the lake, create at Arts and Crafts, climb between trees on our adventure Challenge Course or participate in family team activities like softball games and “Chopped” cooking competitions!

Evenings feature campfires with traditional staff-led shticks and a family talent show, s’mores and songs led by our talented songleaders. Once the kids go to sleep, our staff keep watch on the cabins while parents can enjoy a glass of wine and snack in the Dining Hall followed by crafting or a dance!

What do you serve for meals? We have picky eaters in our house!

Our state of the art kitchen produces scratch-made delicious meals for our 400 person Camp community, taking careful consideration of the dietary needs and restrictions among our participants. All meals at Family Camp are served family-style in our recently expanded Dining Hall.

We serve meals that are kosher-style, meaning we won’t serve meat and milk in the same meal and strive to create menus that are simultaneously delicious for adults and children, and also make additional “kid friendly” alternatives. We aim to source foods locally when possible – even as local as our own organic garden – and can accommodate most dietary needs, restrictions and allergies.

A note on nuts:

We recognize that the needs of our Family Camp community is continually evolving, particularly in the area of allergies and dietary needs. At the forefront of this is the increase in campers with severe nut allergies. We make every effort to be “nut aware” by not introducing nut products into our kitchen, not cooking with nuts and reading food labels carefully.

Additionally, we ask that campers and program participants refrain from bringing nut products into Camp. However, we cannot guarantee that items have not been exposed to cross-contamination prior to arriving on our site and are therefore not a 100% nut-free environment.

Where do we sleep? What are your accommodations like?

Our Family Camp weekends are designed to simulate summer camp, from the ways we welcome you, to the activities we feature, to the accommodations. Typically two families will share one of our summer camp cabins, which house fourteen people during the summer and have single twin beds and bunk beds, and are located near one of our large bathhouses. If you are coming to Camp with friends or family, you can request a cabin together, and we’ll do our best to accommodate that request! If you don’t know others coming, don’t worry – we’ll assign you to a cabin with another family with similarly aged children.

We do have a small number of private cabins available for our youngest and oldest campers, and those needing heightened accommodations for medical reasons.

We know that for some, the adventure of sleeping in a camp cabin with another family is exciting, while for others it causes some anxiety or trepidation. We are happy to talk you through it and see how we can best accommodate your family to ensure your stay at Tawonga is comfortable.

What do we bring to Family Camp?

A few weeks before the start of your program, we’ll email you a welcome packet including a packing list, driving directions and tips and tricks for a fun weekend! We provide the housing, the food and the fun – you bring everything else!

Have more questions? Please reach us at 415.543.2267 or at – we’re happy to help!




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