Goodnight Session III!

As our last night with Session III comes to an end, we feel so honored to have spent a whole three weeks getting to know this amazing group of kids. While the day consisted of classic activities like arts and crafts, free swim in the pool, song session and more, the evening was our chance to say goodbye to the campers and allow a space to reflect on their camp experience. The evening began with a special Banquet Dinner– a Thanksgiving style feast of turkey and mashed potatoes– total comfort food! We then had our Closing Campfire where kids and staff performed skits, songs and said goodnight. Finally, there was the Last Night Serenade where unit counselors, specialists and directors visited each bunk and serenaded the campers to sleep with one last classic Tawongan song of their choosing. All these events truly helped end a bittersweet evening on the highest of notes. 

Below are some highlights of the evening. See you tomorrow as we say our final goodbyes to this magical session.