We Want the Kitchen Staff!

A frequently used analogy here at Tawonga is that Camp is kind of like a stage play. There’s the audience (the campers) enjoying the show and the actors (the counselors) putting on the production and helping to create the experience.

However, it’s also important to remember the stage crew – the individuals who work behind the scenes (kitchen staff, maintenance staff, drivers and office) helping Camp to run smoothly.

For example, our kitchen staff takes pride in serving healthy and nourishing meals that leave our community of 500 people (!) feeling satisfied. As we say here at Camp, “Food is king.”

In return, campers frequently express their gratitude for these hard-working Tawongan cooks by shouting, “We want the kitchen staff!” when they’ve particularly loved a meal. The kitchen staff then come into the Dining Hall for a victory lap, giving high fives and hugs to the cheering campers.

Last night, after a mouth-watering meal of salmon, mushroom risotto, broccoli and home-made baguettes, all of Camp erupted in the kitchen staff chant, pouring out their appreciation. Some kids even made signs! To all of our staff who work behind the scenes to make Tawonga a magical place, we are grateful.

Check out the kitchen staff signs below, plus photos from the day like making shakshuka in the garden (and check out a recent post explaining this activity here).