A Day of Rest

Saturdays at Camp have a very different feel from the rest of the week. It is the only day where the entire camper community is all together since no backpacking trips or day hikes take place on Shabbat. The sense of community in the morning was palpable as everyone gathered at our outdoor sanctuary, Makom Shalom (which means place of peace) and took part in a uniquely Tawongan Torah service led by our directors and songleaders.

In the afternoon, every bunk participated in a Shabbat program which explored our Jewish theme for the season, hineni, which translates to, “here I am.” Every camper was given a sheet of paper, and on one side they drew a representation of themselves and on the other side they responded to prompts relating the theme to their own lives. In pairs, they shared both their drawings and asked each other the questions as a way to get to know each other.

The whole day was a great example of the power of the second rung of our Mission– Building a Cooperative Community. How special it is that we have the opportunity to make such amazing bonds while we’re at Camp!

Below you’ll find some pictures from the day. In an effort to avoid interrupting these activities, many kids’ heads are down and unposed, but be sure to check back in later tonight for photos of our Session II camper talent show and Havdallah service!