A Taste of Activities

On this first full day of A Taste of Camp, it’s already clear that the campers are settling into Camp life well and bonding with their bunkmates.


During this session, campers try everything once. Today, bunks tried activities like building fairy houses in the Garden, painting pet rocks at Arts & Crafts, paddle-boating at the Lake, making Jewish-themed mural at the Moadone and more.


At Camp Tawonga, the focus is not about winning or losing, but rather contributing to the team and building self-esteem. A great example of this was at the Gaga Pit today, when B-3 and G-3 yelled “I’m awesome!” every time a camper got out of the round. This philosophy helps groups bond together at Camp and results in many “Tawonga ties.”


In alignment with our Mission to help campers create a partnership with nature, the Unit of Haifa (bunks 7s and 8s) embarked on their first adventure this morning after breakfast for day hikes with our excellent wilderness staff. They’ll be visiting beautiful locations outside of Camp, including Tuolumne Grove, Lake Eleanor and the Hetch Hetchy Dam. 


Below, enjoy photos from the day, including several bunk photos. Haifa campers (B-7, G7, B-8A, B-8B, G-7 and G-8) are on their day hikes, so stay tuned for their photos later this evening. Thank you for your patience!