A Taste of Camp Bunk Photos (Part 1)!

A Taste of Camp is in full swing, and every new day brings excitement for our campers! One Tawonga value that was particularly evident today was “challenge by choice,” which is about kids pushing their comfort zones in a safe and supportive way. Many campers are learning to shoot arrows at the archery range, forging new friendships and acting in improvisational skits with their bunkmates – for many kids, these are brand new skills and experiences!


Another example of kids stepping out of their comfort zones was on display today for teens participating in our Specialist and Counselor-In-Training program. These “SCITs” are longtime campers who have returned to Camp to take on leadership positions, learning from veteran staff uniquely Tawongan philosophies of how to support campers and how to provide magical experiences for kids.


Check out 12 bunk photos below – we will strive to get as many of the remaining 12 bunk photos as possible up on tonight’s blog! Thank you for your patience. Other pictures from the day are from archery, swimming, dodge ball, improv games and a delicious ice cream social.