All Smiles at Tawonga

What an amazing Shabbat experience with Session IV!

After a sleep in breakfast of bagels and cereal, we made our way down to Makom Shalom or “Place of Peace” for our second and final Torah Service together at Tawonga. While sitting on granite rocks under the pines and douglas firs we joined together as a community to pray, sing and reflect.

Campers continued to enjoy a relaxing afternoon by exploring different activities during Shabbat Electives– a series of programs ranging from song-writing and Zumba dancing, to reading and drawing.

Then, after a delicious BBQ dinner, Session IV had a blast watching and performing in the talent show. Campers got to show off all of their amazing talents and received endless amounts of love and support from their friends and bunkmates.

Check out the pictures from today and we will see you tomorrow.