Noah Marsh

Noah MarshTawongan Since: 1993

Since 1993, Noah has been a Tawongan. His favorite activities have included gaga, stargazing and story-telling on stone couch, backpacking, schvitzing, and rock hopping on the river. But what always made those activities truly special is the community he shared the experiences with. Since 2008, Noah has taken the Tawongan way and implemented it in his practice as a teacher, firefighter/EMT, gelato purveyor, and now as a social worker. Noah is currently completing a masters degree in social work. He interns at East Bay Community Law Center and volunteers with No More Tears at San Quentin State Prison. He lives with his wife, Nadessa, a registered nurse and soon-to-be nurse practitioner, in San Francisco. Noah’s mission is to create real social change by strengthening individuals and communities, and challenging unjust systems and institutions.

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