An Earth Day Celebration

Tawonga is the perfect place to sit amongst the tall, tall trees and appreciate the beauty of Mother Nature. In this spirit, yesterday afternoon, Teva/Wilderness staff partnered with TLI (Teen Leadership Institute) campers to run a Tawonga Earth Day program! 


The Hebrew phrase tikkun olam or “repairing the world” is a key rung of Tawonga’s Mission. There is a Jewish philosophy that when the world was created, it broke and shattered into millions of pieces, and that it is our responsibility to put it back together. Earth Day helps inform campers of their environmental impact in fun and creative ways, encouraging them to “put the world back together” in any way they can.


Specialist Michael, Zevi and a few TLI teens led a nature art block where campers created art using only natural materials. The artists deconstructed the art and returned the materials back to where they were found. This activity connected the campers to nature in a creative way while learning about the concept of impermanence in nature and the world. 


Additionally, campers participated in service projects around Camp, like making signs for the Garden and posters teaching about food waste in the Dining Hall. These stations were designed to make campers feel more connected and knowledgable about the produce growing in Tawonga’s Garden and the importance of reducing food waste in our kitchen here and at home. 


Just as our Earth has existed and evolved over thousands of years, so does the food we eat everyday! Campers were able to make and enjoy some delicious foods, including bike smoothies (a favorite amongst campers), dolmas with grape leaves from our Garden and homemade pickles. Campers felt empowered by preparing the foods that were eating while learning about sustainable food production and consumption.


Campers ended the Earth Day festivities with a concert in the Moadone led by our talented song leaders. TLI and other campers joined in to perform some more Earth-themed hits for all of Camp to enjoy.


Until next year, Earth Day!


Today’s gallery features photos from yesterday’s Earth Day celebration and other activities around Camp.