Another “Gnarly” Day!

Campers are getting especially “gnarly” today, enjoying activities that foster self expression and individuality. G-9 campers participated in a body painting activity with specialist Elena L. by the lake, followed by a run-way performance to show off their beautiful body art.


Meanwhile, three different gnarly blocks came together, chanting, “gnarly! gnarly! gnarly!” covered in paint and mud, part of the gnarly tradition. Then, with our lifeguards on duty, counselors and campers jumped into the lake, covering themselves in mud and lily pads to complete the fun-loving ritual.


Tawonga gives children ample opportunities to connect to nature in new and exciting ways. The third rung of Tawonga’s mission, Tikkun Olam (“repair the world”), emphasizing a partnership with nature, comes alive through activities like Getting Gnarly.


Unlike the traditional ways to connect to nature, through day hikes and backpacking trips, when kids get gnarly, they not only connect to nature but are covered in it! In addition, during this block, campers apply concepts of respect and consent  when they ask to cover each other in paint and mud.


Campers can really feel the ruach (spirit) during this silly, loud and fun block – parents should try it at home! 😉


Below, enjoy photos from the day, featured our well-renowned gnarly block, as well as jazzercize, A&C, the Farm and more. Stay tuned for photos later tonight from our first Shabbat with campers this season!