Bunk Commandments (and Bunk Photos!)

It’s the first full day of Session III, and the campers are already feeling the Tawonga spirit! Last night, bunks gathered before bed to create their cabin’s “Ten Commandments,” inspired by the tablets that Moses received on Mount Sinai.


This discussion, led primarily by the campers, helps set the guidelines and expectations that each cabin will live by for the next three weeks. Everyone contributes to the list, and all bunkmates must agree by consensus. To seal the deal, campers often put their signatures on the commandments or a handprint in paint, signifying their commitment to living together in harmony. The document then hangs in the bunk and can be referred back to if an issue arises. This is one of the first steps in building bunk communities at Tawonga, central to our overall Mission & Philosophy.


Today, every cabin went on rotations, a way to get familiar with both traditional and new activities at Camp. Units took a swim assessment at the pool, stopped at the Moadone (Camp’s gazebo) for an impromptu song session and were introduced to drama games, getting gnarly, jazzercise, improvisation and so much more offered by the GDP (Greater Department of Programming). Like the bunk commandments, bunkmates use cohesive decision-making to curate a schedule for the whole bunk by telling their counselors what they enjoyed from rotations so that their counselors can plan a schedule specifically catered to their interests.


Enjoy bunk photos from this morning and check back in later this evening for more content from the day’s activities!