Bunks at Tawonga

Here at Tawonga, your bunk is your family! Every camper lives in a bunk with around 11 other similar aged campers, as well as two bunk counselors. Unit counselors, unit heads and specialists also join bunks for different activities and meals throughout the session.

The bunk unit is core to Tawonga’s group-centered philosophy and how we live in a cooperative community together. At some camps, kids choose what activities to join on their own, but here, bunks not only live and eat together — they play together too! Being a part of the bunk unit helps every camper feel a sense of community and belonging at Camp from day one. 

Summer camp is also a time to explore one’s independence, and “Floats” is a great way to do this! During this block, campers will freely roam to a number of activities with friends from any bunk. (For the first week of the session, until every camper tests negative for COVID, campers will wear masks when with kids from other bunks). 

Today was our first day of scheduled bunk activities, and throughout the day,  bunks could be seen happily traveling around Camp together, from the pool and A&C to the lake and archery! Campers continued to build their relationships with their bunkmates while trying out these new activities. After-dinner activities included mellow options like nature crafts in the garden and s’mores around the campfire. 

Enjoy photos of our amazing Tawonga bunks below!