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July 16, 2017

All Camp Olympics With a Twist

Each session the Greater Department of Programming puts on a high energy “color wars” style program for every bunk in Camp which emphasizes teamwork, creativity and ruach (“spirit”), rather than winning and losing. Today, the campers participated in an epic All Camp Program called “Element Olympics.” Bunks were divided into four teams each related to basic elements: green for earth, red for fire, blue for water and yellow for air. Each team started off as the base level of their element – raindrops, pebbles, sparks and breezes. Every challenge that each team successfully completed helped them evolve their element until they reached their final form. The challenges included capture the flag on Girls Side Field, trivia at Arts and Crafts, a paper airplane contest in the Dining Hall and an obstacle course around The Stage. At the end of the program, prizes were awarded for hydration, bravery and sportsmanship, but ultimately the Earth Team (green) claimed the top prize by winning the most competitions. Their reward for winning was the chance to lead a mysterious Earth Day activity in the Garden later this session.


The All Camp Program showcases the strength of the Tawonga community. Campers from different units came together today to work through challenges and complete tasks in order to elevate their teams, and in doing so, branched out and made new friends across age groups. Older campers took on leadership roles and role modeled to younger campers how to compete with sportsmanship and spirit. Accomplishing the second rung of the Mission — Creating a Cooperative Community — extends beyond just the bunk or unit. It is our goal that the entire Camp community feels bonded together by the end of their time at Camp, and activities like the All Camp Program helps make this Session III 2017 unique and memorable for everyone.


See here the awesome pics of the program!


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