Top 5 Camper Quotes from Session II

By Becca Meyer, Camp Director

One of the best things about being Tawonga’s Camp Director is getting to connect with so many different campers throughout the summer. I love hearing directly from them about their Tawonga journeys: bonding together in their bunks, making lifelong friendships and discovering new things about themselves. Below are some of my favorite camper quotes shared with me during Session II:


“I don’t want to fit in – I want to fit out. I am a Tawonga man.” – Haifa Camper

…spoken at the Gender Campfires, when our staff lead separate Men’s and Women’s programs, where we sing songs and discuss how Tawonga can be a place to create brotherhood and sisterhood and to break away from pressures back home to look or act a certain way.



“This was made with love.” – Carmel camper

…when asked what the difference is between a salve you might find in a store, and the one this bunk was making with herbs from Tawonga’s garden.



 “Even though it was really scary, I did it, and I’m so glad I did!” – Galil camper

…describing her experience trying the multi-vine element after a day spent on the Challenge Course with her bunk.



“This is the best goat cheese I’ve ever had. I think it’s the best cheese I’ve ever had!” – Haifa camper

…after trying the cheese this camper made with his bunk, using milk from Tawonga’s goat and herbs from our organic garden.



“Seeing the stars last night made me feel so small but also connected to something really huge.” – Eilat camper

…after stargazing with her bunk on the Girls side field, led by our Teva (nature) specialist.

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Kids say the darndest (and sweetest) things, don’t they?






Below, enjoy some photos from the evening. As you can see, our all-Camp Tawonga Carnival was a hit!