Celebrating the Earth at Tawonga

Tawonga is a great place to appreciate all that nature has to offer. Located in the middle of the Stanislaus National Forest, Tawonga is an enchanting haven. Camp is bathed in warmth and sunshine surrounded by large pines, meditative river spots and scenic viewpoints. Sometimes you can even catch cotton-candy painted sunsets that color the skyline during an evening campfire at the stage!


Today’s Earth Day festivities celebrated all these natural wonders and more! Teva (nature) and Wilderness staff organized a fun-filled morning with activities stationed all around Camp. Campers applied fresh homemade face masks under the willow trees, pickled vegetables on the lawn, created art from natural materials, harvested squash grown in our garden and took dips in the lake.


After rotations, all of Camp gathered by the Moadone. Campers chilled with friends in the comfort of the shady willows while listening to live musical performances from our song leaders and other staff members. The lineup included the iconic “Rivers and Roads” by The Head and The Heart and other Earth Day-themed tunes with the accompaniment of special instruments like the ukulele and violin.


To quote the lyrics of a Camp classic,

There’s no place I would rather be (then where?), here among the tall, tall trees…


We wouldn’t have it any other way!


Enjoy photos from this morning’s Earth Day celebration at sunny Camp Tawonga!