Challenge By Choice

At Camp Tawonga we like to say “challenge by choice.” This means that campers are invited to push themselves and the boundaries of their comfort zones in a safe and supportive environment, yet always with the choice to accomplish their goals at their own pace and on their own terms.  We believe embracing physical and emotional challenges helps to build self-esteem and form community, two central themes of our overall guiding Mission & Philosophy.


A prime example of when “challenge by choice” comes to life is on our Adventure Challenge Course. Led by highly trained wilderness leaders and challenge course facilitators, every bunk in Camp has the opportunity to push themselves and accomplish both group and personal challenges during their day on the course. Bunks cheer each other on and work together to accomplish these elements individually, in partners or groups, resulting in tremendous personal growth and a whole lot of fun.


In the morning, kids work together as a bunk to build trust and to collaborate through the challenges of the low elements, which don’t require harnesses and helmets– these are team building games designed to get them ready for the climbing to come. In the afternoon, campers are introduced to the high elements, strapping on their harnesses and helmets and climbing to the top, helping each other along the way. With cheers and reassuring words from staff and peers below, many campers find new edges they didn’t know they could reach. Empowered to support each other to push their limits, campers truly embody the value of “challenge by choice” during these triumphant moments.


Below, check out some photos of Chalutzim campers rocking the challenge course today, as well as other photos from around Camp!