Day One and Thriving

It has been a great first day of Session IV to say the least.


After a full day of bonding and getting oriented, campers met their whole unit for Opening Unit Activities. Here at Camp, bunks are organized by age making five-bunk cohorts.  From youngest to oldest, these units are called: Carmel, Galil, Eilat, Haifa and Chalutzim (four of these units are locations in Israel, and our oldest unit, Chalutzim, means “pioneers”). Units are a great way for kids to connect with other campers outside of their bunkmates, and Opening Activities are the first of many opportunities to make friends and build community within their age group.
Tonight, campers also participated in one of our favorite Tawonga traditions: the Gender Campfires. This is an opportunity for female and male campers to gather separately to discuss relevant gender-specific issues, intended to break stereotypes and harness our true selves within communities of men, women and the entire community together. It’s meant to feel like an inclusive and welcoming space for campers to feel empowered and supported by their peers and counselors. The Gender Campfires are one of the many ways we incorporate our mission and philosophy into Camp life. By helping kids to be themselves, celebrating differences rather than just tolerating them and providing a safe space to share and build community, it’s no wonder Camp feels so incredibly special. 


Enjoy the photos from our first day together!