Eilat Famous!

Yesterday the greater department of programming along with the staff of Eilat and their CITs put on a celebratory creative program for all the Eilat campers (in the 5s and 6s bunks).

The event, called “Eilat Famous” was designed to emulate a celebrity experience, fully equipped with a ‘bouncer,’ DJ, invitations, guest appearances and fans asking kids for their autographs intended to make every camper feel famous and special.

Campers were encouraged to dress up for the event, and unlike back home, where that might mean putting on fancy clothes, at Tawonga, it means dressing up in the most silly and goofy outfits imaginable as a way to express kids’ full individuality.

Our ‘celebrities’ enjoyed an array of activities including dancing, bowling, an art wall of fame and a grand finale debuting pop stars Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber (our song leaders). The campers loved singing and dancing to their chart-topping hits like ‘Sorry’, ‘Love Yourself’, ‘You Belong with me’ and ‘Blank Space’.

This unit-wide event is just one example of the many creative programs Tawonga staff put on in an effort to encourage campers to express their creativity and individuality, tying into the first rung of the Tawonga Mission to build positive self esteem.

All units in Camp have the chance to participate in these kinds of creative programs, bringing out the best in our staff and campers.

Below enjoy photos from the event.

P.S. Chalutzim campers will appear in our next post, as they have only just now returned from their trips. We got B-9, B-10 and G-9 at the wilderness shed and will get G-10 and more tomorrow – thank you for your patience!