Session 4

End-of-Session Traditions

Session 4 campers have been living up their last few days at Camp with lots of bunk activities and exciting all-Camp programs.

The past few nights have been packed with awesome entertainment for campers, from the talent show on Sunday to the all-Camp production and Carnival last night. The talent show is always a highlight for campers both onstage and off. For the performers, there’s nothing like getting up on the Moadone stage and seeing their whole bunk cheering from the audience. Talents are always varied and fascinating, and this session we had singing, trumpet playing, dancing, juggling, acrobatics and one act ending in a shaved head!

The all-Camp production is another opportunity for campers to express their creativity and explore new talents. This year’s production, written specifically for the campers, was called “The Witchonga Witch Trials”, and involved (you guessed it) witches, chickens and a crew of adventurous campers. The audience loved the goofy and inventive story, and there was even a cast party afterwards!

Following the play, campers raced eagerly to the all-Camp Carnival for a night of Opposite Day-themed fun. There were loads of stations to try, including a dance party on the lawn, fill-hole (the opposite of corn hole) and a chill-out space at the Rainbow Lounge. One ever-popular station at Carnival provides campers the opportunity to peg wet sponges at their willing counselors – just one example of staff going above and beyond for their kids!

At closing campfires tonight, campers will get a chance to reflect on the past two wonderful weeks and celebrate all the joy and growth they’ve shared. One sweet Tawonga tradition is memory sheets; all members of a bunk contribute to this compilation of favorite memories, inside jokes and silly quotes, and everyone gets a sheet to take home. At the closing campfire, campers will get to share some of these memories with their unit, and thank the counselors and other staff who’ve supported them through their Tawonga journey.

It’s bittersweet that tomorrow we’ll be ushering in the end of a wonderful Session 4. We’ve shared many great moments with these campers and have seen such incredible resilience and joy in each of them. Throughout Camp we’ve seen kids laughing, sharing, challenging and supporting each other. It’s such a privilege to witness them building lasting friendships and strengthening their self-esteem. 

Though we’re sad to see the end of the session and the summer, we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone next year. For those parents of Session 4 campers who are tuning in, enjoy hugging your kids tight tomorrow as you reunite! We miss them already. 

Thank you to all those who followed along on the blog and Campanion this summer, it’s been a privilege sharing a little slice of Tawonga with you all!