Float On

In a day full of scheduled bunk activities, floats offers campers the time to do exactly that: float around to the areas of camp they are most drawn to. They have the choice to do this with friends from other cabins, with friends from their own bunks, or as individuals. Whereas most of the time, campers are with their bunk mates (see recent post on our approach to bunks), floats is a unique time, offering more independence and individual choice. This is a when campers can explore different areas of camp or revisit an activity or place that that they loved.

Specialists at camp lead different kinds of activities including drama games, boating on the lake, candle-making or other projects at Arts and Crafts, or a sports game like Frisbee golf. During this time, campers may feel more of a sense of freedom to explore the many aspects of what Camp Tawonga can offer, and perhaps a greater sense of independence as they make the choice of how to spend this time and with whom. Below, enjoy some photos, many of which were taken during this beloved block.