Floats and a Sing-Off!

Yesterday was yet another fun-filled day at Camp Tawonga!

Campers participated in Floats, a favorite program where campers are able to choose their own activities all around Camp and “float” between them with friends from any bunk. The Floats theme today was “Wild Wild West,” and activities included everything from cowboy hat making and human foosball: Outlaws vs. Sheriffs, to line dancing and shooting bottles at archery!

Later in the afternoon, the unit of Eilat (G-5, G-6, B-5 and B-6) participated in a sing-off competition. Campers were grouped by bunk and given a word for each round like “love” or “happy.” They were challenged to come up with as many songs as they could with that word in it and sing them one by one until they ran out and there was only one bunk left. The campers enjoyed singing their hearts out with a little friendly competition. 

Settling in their bunks for the night, campers got some rest before their second to last full day at Camp!