A Day of Rest, or So We Thought!

While Shabbat is a day of rest, we always manage to fill it with fun activities. Today we had our Saturday morning Torah service at Makom Shalom, Shabbat Floats, Shabbat Electives and a talent show.

First after lunch, Shabbat Electives– various programs which creatively combine Judaism and spirituality with classic Camp activities– allowed campers to choose how they want to connect to Shabbat in a fun way.

Next, campers and staff dressed up and participated in the first ever “Fun Run” which is exactly what it sounds like– we ran a few loops around Camp just for fun!

Finally, after a delicious BBQ dinner, Tawonga hosted its traditional talent show for campers to break out of their comfort zone and show off all of their amazing talents. It was truly heart-warming to see everyone who performed receive so much love and support from their friends and bunkmates.

Take a look at the pictures from today and see you tomorrow!