Havdalah at Camp

Every Saturday night at Camp features a very special Jewish ritual that closes out Shabbat. The Havdalah ritual is meant to act as a separation between the holy Sabbath and the rest of the week. Just as we bring Shabbat in with a special ceremony here at Camp, we also say goodbye to it with a special ceremony after the sun has set.

Our Camp Tawonga Havdalah ritual occurs after All Camp Campfires at the Stage which typically features a talent show by our campers or staff. After the staff members or campers have finished their performances our Jewish Programmers will take the Stage with our Songleaders and a pre-selected cabin to lead Havdalah prayers for the rest of Camp. This week, the bunk of G-10a will be responsible for lighting the special braided Havdalah candle, passing around the spice box for everyone to smell, holding the kiddush cup filled with grape juice and saying the blessings for each.

These four elements are meant to represent the four senses, which are sound, sight, smell and taste.

At camp we also include the singing of the Eliyahu, Shavua Tov and Friends, Friends, Friends, which is a Tawonga tradition for ending all Campfires.