Israeli Connection

Every summer we have the privilege of having a group of Israeli shlichim (messengers) on staff here at Camp Tawonga. The shlichim work to connect campers on a “people-to-people” level to Israel. This year we are proud to have 9 shlichim. They come from all walks of life in Israel, giving campers a good representation of what life and culture are like in their home country.


Tonight campers from the units of Haifa and Carmel got to learn about Israel’s history and culture with our shlichim. The campers went through three rotations in which they learned about Israel’s cultural diversity, its history and the Hebrew language. In these rotations, campers were able to play interactive card matching games to learn about how Israel was created and important figures in its rise, draw maps of Israel to illustrate the diversity of the country and learn to write their names in Hebrew to learn about the language.


Check out photos from the Israel program and the day’s action below: