John Muir’s Ruach

Today Session III had a blast participating in a high energy, super spirited activity we like to call the All-Camp Program.

The All-Camp Program, put on by the Greater Department of Programming, is similar to what other camps call “Color Wars”–campers dress up in wacky outfits and compete against each other in a series of games and activities, of course with a Tawongan twist!

Tawonga awoke to find the natural beauty and spirit of the region replaced with a large strip mall filled with fast food restaurants and materialistic enterprises instead of the Yosemite National Park we all know and love. Campers went back to the 1890’s to find someone had stolen John Muir’s ruach– without John Muir’s spirited enthusiasm for the great outdoors, Yosemite as we know it ceased to exist. 

With color teams representing Yosemite’s greatest mountains, El Capitan, Mount Dana, Mount Whitney and Half Dome, the campers went through a series of tasks like building rafts with pool noodles, a navigation game to find their way through Yosemite and writing letters to President Benjamin Harrison. Of course, we restored John Muir’s ruach and reestablished Yosemite National Park for all of us to enjoy.

Gabe Quintana, Director of Programming, explained how this challenge is a way to express higher values or lessons for the campers. He shared:

The outcome of this program is for campers to have fun and feel unified through expressing themselves in a competitive, energetic way. We always develop the plot of the All-Camp Program to channel our mission. This program in particular primarily aims toward connecting with nature and building a cooperative community within Tawonga. 

It was incredible watching the campers support and cheer each other on in such an enthusiastic way. Enjoy some photos of today’s awesome program!