Judaism & Spirituality at Camp Tawonga

Judaism and a connection to global Jewish communities and cultures are key aspects of Camp Tawonga’s Mission. Joyous Judaism, as we say, is incorporated in daily life for campers. From saying prayers hamotzi and birkat hamazon as a symbol of gratitude before and after meals to celebrating Shabbat and engaging with Jewish themes and topics, Judaism is a present and vibrant facet of the Tawonga experience. Many kids express that at camp they feel that it is “cool” to be Jewish and for many in our community Tawonga is a place where they discover and deepen their Jewish identity.


At camp, there is no “one way” to be Jewish. Our philosophy is to encourage everyone to find their own spiritual paths, whatever that may look like. We say that at Tawonga there is a “buffet of Judaism”– some kids might find spiritual moments during Saturday morning Shabbat services while others might engage spiritually while stargazing or during a story telling activity block. We hope every camper feels excited about deepening their connection to Judaism and spirituality and by choosing their own path they are able to find a stronger connection to Jewish culture, community and history in the way that works best for them. 


Today, campers from the unit of Galil participated in Ruach Hour, which is an activity led by our Jewish Programmers, Faryn and Leah, and is designed to help kids think more deeply about Jewish topics. Today campers learned about Shabbat and how this holy day relates to life in- and outside of Camp. This is just one of the many activities we facilitate that intentionally promotes and fosters a connection to each individual’s Jewish identity and/or spiritual path.


Check out some photos of Ruach Hour and other Camp activities below. See you tomorrow!