Kab Shab at Camp T

On this Shabbat evening at Camp Tawonga, the Dining Hall lit up with energy, warmth, and music that reverberated with more strength than any other night of the week.  After a festive Shabbat meal commenced with prayers, Tawonga’s song leaders guided the entire camp community in a freilach song session — Yiddish for lively song and dance. Campers sang and danced to the beat of camp favorites such as Ken Y’hi Ratzon and Divine Mother of the Universe. Freilach is perhaps one of the most joyful parts of the week.

Meanwhile outside of the dining hall, the back porch offers campers a peaceful space overlooking the lake and the surrounding mountains as dusk settles in, and to socialize with friends while enjoying some fresh air.

Later in the evening, camp took on a more mellow tone for Kabbalat Shabbat (or as we like to call it, “Kab Shab”), reflective Friday night outdoor services. Each unit participated in their respective Kab Shab at different beautiful locations at camp — the Garden, the Burn, Freedom Forest, the back porch of the Dining Hall, and Stone Couch. At the services, which are all accompanied by our talented music department, each bunk presented their interpretation of a Shabbat prayer in a creative, personal way.

Our oldest unit of Chalitzim reflected together how in the coming week they can both be better to themselves and be better to others. One camper shared an intention he set to be more giving to others during our second week of Session III. Kab Shab is a connecting and calming way to welcome Shabbat evening at camp.

Below, enjoy photos of the evening, with more to come tomorrow. Until we see you again, friends.