L’Dor Vador– From Generation to Generation at Camp Tawonga

Before each summer, a group of seasonal and year-round staff gather to discuss and choose a Jewish theme that the community can study and focus on during the coming summer. In past years, themes like “Derech Eretz” have encouraged community members to perform good deeds and embody what it is to be a mensch. Another past theme, “Ometz Lev” or “courage of the heart,” challenged campers and staff alike to be their best selves with confidence and composure.


This year’s Jewish theme is “L’dor Vador” which translates to “From generation to generation.”


At Camp Tawonga, we see this theme reflected in the passage of time as Jews who carry out traditions throughout generations to preserve Jewish thought and values, and also as Tawongans, who return year after year, who bring family members and pass their Tawonga legacy down to preserve our beautiful Jewish community here at Camp.


Campers have been exploring this theme at Unit Ruach Hour programs and during our first Shabbat program of Session III.


L’dor Vador is the profound feeling at Camp of carrying the Torah amidst campers and staff, linking us to our collective past and to the Jewish future we are creating through the uniqueness of Tawonga.”


“I’m so proud to watch my Tawonga sons carry on the traditions they learned as babies here at Camp as they become the leaders of this generation.”


Rabbi Sydney Mintz


Stay tuned for further L’dor Vador updates throughout the summer.