Lech Lecha– Tawonga’s 2017 Jewish Theme

Every year at Camp Tawonga we create a Jewish theme that helps guide all Jewish programming during the summer. This summer’s theme is Lech Lecha, which translates to, “go forth and be a blessing,” a message given to Abram from G-d in the book of Genesis. During the first week of Session III campers have been introduced to Lech Lecha by the Jewish Programmers and their counselors through scavenger hunts during unit Ruach Hour and other creative outlets. Another way campers experience Jewish content at Camp is on Shabbat when every unit participates in an activity with an intentionally Jewish message.   


Today for their Shabbat program the campers in Chalutzim (the 9’s and 10’s) got to embody Lech Lecha by going out and leaving lasting marks on Camp by improving and restoring underused spaces around Camp. Chalutz campers were given several options: they could clean up or tikkun Cookie Corner, a space we utilize for campfires and storytelling. They could restore and rejuvenate the campfire area known as Freedom Forest as a place for social activism and consciousness. Lastly, they had the option to go to Fawpy Grove and make it a space for introspective reflection and thought provoking programming. At Freedom Forest campers put up signs with quotes from social activists and political leaders all over the trees. At Fawpy Grove campers were given quotes by famous philosophers and thinkers to place around the area in order to aide future campers to think deeper and more meaningfully.


At Tawonga we try to provide ways for the oldest campers to leave a positive mark on Camp and these third session Campers were enthusiastic about the opportunity to do so. We hope that today’s activity inspires not only this group of Tawongans but future Tawongans as well to go forth and be blessings both at Camp and back home. 


Enjoy photos below of Shabbat at Camp. **Editor’s note– more bunk photos coming tomorrow!