Meet the Bunks of Session II!

The first full day of Session II is off to a fantastic start! This morning, each camper participated in Rotations, going all around Camp to learn about the broad spectrum of fun and interesting activities offered at Tawonga. 


This afternoon, the campers will then have a chance to decide what activities to join during Cabin Floats. During this time, bunks “float” around Camp together, deciding as a group what departments to check out. From paddle boating on the lake to drama games to candle-making at Arts & Crafts to frisbee golf to organic gardening (to name a few), there’s so much to explore at Camp, and there’s also something for everyone. Cabin Floats are a great time to build community among the bunks, and they also give kids a sense of freedom and the opportunity to make decisions as a group. 


Later tonight, the kids will head to a favorite program for many campers and staff alike: our Gender Campfires. Female staff and campers will convene while male staff and campers will gather in a separate area of Camp. These campfires provide a space to address gender-specific issues that may be on campers’ minds, facilitated by our staff.


We often find that these Gender Campfires help to establish Tawonga as the safe, inclusive and welcoming space that it is, where campers feel free to be their authentic selves. This program is just one of the many ways that Tawonga builds community, informed by our Mission and philosophy.



Below, meet the beautiful bunks of Session II! And stay tuned for more photos of all the fun we’re having here at Camp Tawonga!