Monday Musings

Welcome to our first installment of Monday Musings – where we connect broader ideas and themes to camp, and specifically, to the “Tawonga Way” of living, learning, and treating others. Enjoy!

New York Times columnist David Brooks must have been channeling Camp Tawonga when he wrote this Sunday’s “A Moral Bucket List.” He deeply admires those people who listen well, make him feel valued, and have a manner that is infused with gratitude; and he wonders what kind of experiences produce such genuine, loving people.

Our answer is Camp.

Camp is where every kid can get straight “As” by practicing Awareness, Acceptance, and Appreciation. We make it easy for children to make new friends and experience the divine natural beauty of Yosemite by eliminating all television, phones, and other digital distractions while immersing them in a culture that challenges each child to be his and her best self. Our Buckets runneth over!

Read NYT article here.