Neighborly love

Today marked Camp Tawonga’s 16th Annual Round Table — a gathering between Camp Tawonga and our forest neighbors. The 25 guests included representatives from the Sheriff’s Department, the Forest Service, California Fish and Wildlife, and local businesses. The participants enjoyed a delicious barbecue lunch provided by camp and discussed pertinent topics relevant to our forest community.

Executive Director, Ken Kramarz, established The Round Table gathering in 1999. At the time he wanted to gather local officials to address safety related issues. Camp Tawonga has since taken the lead by extending the conversation beyond safety to a meeting which hopefully builds bonds in the local community.

Through breaking bread with our neighbors, we learn about them and what we can provide for each other. We are in this unique space in California where relying on our neighbors and offering ourselves as a resource to them is mutually beneficial for all of our well being. This roundtable is a way to do that by sharing food, sharing stories, and building community, which is what Camp Tawonga is all about. This ties in to the second part of the Tawonga mission as we tap in to a whole new group and create a new community by opening our arms to our neighbors and friends in the forest.

Below are photos of this afternoon, the Shabbat Stroll, as well as the Shabbat dinner. We are looking forward to a nice sleep-in buffet breakfast. Lilah tov!