Notes from the Road: Sierra Slam Quest

Greetings Tawongans! Please note that the Ferguson Fire continues to pose no threat to Camp Tawonga. You can check our Facebook page for updates, and if you are a parent of a Session III or IV camper, check your Session Facebook groups. Please call our San Francisco office if you have any questions at 415.543.2267.


Sierra Slam Quest

Today’s blog post takes you on the road with Tawonga’s Sierra Slam Quest which returned on Sunday. Session III family and friends: Check the second gallery for your daily fill of Tawonga fun!


This past Sunday, 11 “Questers” returned from a fantastic Tawonga adventure in the Sierra Mountains where, for two weeks, they backpacked, hiked, white-water rafted and bonded together. Quests are a wonderful opportunity to explore the great outdoors, experience joyous Judaism in nature and forge incredibly close friendships.


11 7th and 8th graders between the ages of 12 and 13

Quest Leaders

Sadie Koch and Thomas Fontaine

Quest Itinerary

  • Backpacking in Yosemite National Park 
  • Hanging out at Mammoth Lakes 
  • Hiking in Tahoe
  • White water rafting down the American River

Quest Highlights

  • Joyfully launching off of jumping rocks on the first day of the Quest
  • Bonding and being inspired after seeing a bear on the campground which was a first for many (the bear was a safe distance away!)

Quest Leader Inspiration

“I love being able to connect to kids in nature and helping them to learn and be able to live in community.” – Sadie

Fun Facts

  • Cheezits and bagels were the best Quest snacks
  • Questers debated about GMOs for six hours
  • Attending a Carnival with rides!
  • Three Quest participants including staff had parents who own pizza restaurants and made amazing pizza for the group
  • Questers gave each other Quest gifts, similar to Secret Santa

Quester Quote

“It was the best three days of my life!” – Bianca M.


Enjoy some photos from the Sierra Slam Quest below:

Session III Daily Gallery