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The Pipeline

August 14, 2017

Notes from the Road: Rock and River Quest


12 teenagers aged 13-15 ventured through Northern Californian, rock climbing and backpacking in Yosemite National Park and Rafting along the American River. Campers experienced a two-day climbing clinic where they got to learn how to climb from professional climbers based out of Tuolmne Meadows. After that, Questers set off to the High Sierra mountain range for an epic backpacking trip. Throughout the trip, questers are empowered to work together by being given the responsibility of carrying and taking care of the food and equipment they all need for their adventure.  After experiencing the beauty of the Sierra Moutains, Questers headed down to the American River to go rafting in class two and three rapids. Questers got to camp out along the river and indulge in a banquet feast to celebrate the end of their trip.


The group really came together when they had to rally and hike past their original campsite because of some rainy conditions. The questers bonded when they embraced the situation and put a positive spin on to motivate each other to pull through, ultimately reaching their campsite safe and sound.

Quest Leader Inspiration

“We wanted to show Questers the diversity of the many amazing experiences you can have in nature.”

“Our favorite part of the job is sharing our love for the outdoors!”

Below are photos from Rock and River Quest and today’s activities at Camp!

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