Positive Self-Esteem Through Poetry

It’s another beautiful day at Camp Tawonga!

General programming specialist Faina led a block today called “Runway Poets” where campers spent time writing brief poems about themselves using descriptive language, alliteration and proclamations of self love. The Greater Department of Programming (also known as The GDP), comprised of dance, drama, Jewish and general programming creates original activities inspired by campers’ interests and requests.

Faina invited each camper to step up and share their original poetry on a volunteer basis, or “popcorn style.”

When their bunkmates felt ready, campers welcomed one another to the Stage with a creative cheer. After they recited their poetry, they congratulated one another in a massive group hug at the front of Stage.

This activity is one of many that helps to bring Tawonga’s Mission to life. The first rung of the Mission aims to foster a positive self-image and strengthen campers self-esteem through interactive and inclusive programming where each child feels accepted, honored and involved for their own unique spark, or betzelem elohim. This Runway Poet activity helped each camper gain confidence in their public speaking abilities while simultaneously helping strengthen their bond as a bunk and enforce a positive and accepting group dynamic.

Watching each camper perform and seeing the resounding support they received from their bunkmates exemplified exactly what it is to be a camper at Camp Tawonga.


Who’s up?

Enjoy photos of Capture the Flag, Arts and Crafts, a peaceful Garden walk, Gnarly and poetry reading.

Who’s on deck?

Look forward to a further glimpse into S’mores, storytelling and public speaking blocks later tonight.