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Financial Assistance FAQ

Financial Assistance


My family is attending family camp, and in our CampIn Touch account, I see financial assistance applications listed under each family member’s name. Do I need to fill out one application per family member for family camp?

No. Families attending family camp only need to fill out one application per family. It does not matter which application you choose to fill out and submit.

I have multiple children attending multiple programs. Do I need to fill out more than one application?

Yes. You must fill out one application per child-per camp program.

How much financial assistance should I apply for?

You should apply for the amount of financial assistance that you need. No request is too big or too small.

How long is the application and what types of questions will I be asked to fill out?

The application is very short and should only take 5-10 minutes to fill out. You will be asked 10 questions regarding your finances and, if you would like, there is room to express any special circumstances your family faces.

How do I access the financial assistance application?

You can find your financial assistance application by logging into your CampInTouch account with your email and password, clicking on the “Forms and Documents” tab, and then clicking on the link to the application.

Financial Information

The application asks me to submit the first page of my 2018 tax return with my application, but my taxes are not complete. What should I do?

Along with your application, we require you to submit the first page of your 2018 tax return/1040. If you file late and do not have your tax return, please submit the most recent tax return you do have. If you do not have a tax return at all, please contact us so we can discuss the appropriate financial documentation to submit.

The application asks me to submit financial information from 2018, but I don’t have that information yet. What should I do?

There are a few financial questions on the application specific to your 2018 finances. Please fill them out as accurately as possible. If you do not have the requested information, please estimate the answers.

I think I make too much money to apply for financial assistance. Should I still apply?

Yes, you should still apply. Tawonga strives to grant awards to all applicants, so the likelihood of you receiving some assistance is high, regardless of how much money you make.


Who can I contact with additional questions regarding financial assistance?

Please contact our Financial Assistance Coordinator, Eliza Cohen, at [email protected] or by calling our main office at 414-543-2267. Eliza is happy to answer any questions you may have.

Are there other grants or scholarships available to apply for?

There are other grants and scholarships available to apply for outside of Camp Tawonga. Please view Making Camp Affordable to learn more about other ways to make camp affordable for your family.

What if I do not receive enough assistance and want to cancel from the program?

You must accept or decline your award within one week of receiving your offer. If when you receive your award you have questions or concerns please contact our Financial Assistance Coordinator, Eliza Cohen, [email protected], to have a discussion regarding financial assistance options and how to make camp affordable for your family. If you choose to decline your award and cancel from the program you will receive a full refund of all fees paid for your program to date.

How much financial assistance should I expect to receive?

Tawonga tends to grant anywhere from about 5-75% of session fees to applicants, depending on their individual circumstances. Tawonga never awards full scholarships.

What is the likelihood that I will receive financial assistance?

The likelihood of receiving a financial assistance award from Camp Tawonga is high. Almost every individual who applies for assistance receives some, if not all, of the amount they apply for.

Timeline & Process

When are financial assistance awards granted?

Financial assistance awards will be granted at the beginning of April. We will notify you via email of your award.

When is the financial assistance application submission deadline?

The financial assistance application submission deadline is Friday, March 1, 2019. However, if you register for a program and apply for financial assistance after the deadline, we will accept and consider your application if funding is still available. If you submit your application after awards are granted, please note that it will take up to three weeks to process your application and grant your award.

When are financial assistance applications available to fill out?

Financial assistance applications will be made available for you to fill out in your CampIn Touch account within two weeks of submitting your registration for a camp program. In order for an application to show in your account, you must indicate on your registration interest in applying for financial assistance.

What is the process to apply for financial assistance?

Register for a Camp Tawonga program, submit your Financial Assistance application by Friday, March 1, 2019, and then wait to receive your award at the beginning of April.

Can you give me a full overview of the timeline and process of applying for financial assistance?

Yes, we can. Please click HERE to view Camp Tawonga’s guide on applying for financial assistance.