Promoting Self-Esteem at Camp

Camp Tawonga has always been a place that gives children opportunities to try something new and to take comfortable risks. G-5 kicked off the day with a block known as “Getting Gnarly,” organized by programmer Elena L. This activity is all about campers expressing themselves, feeling free and letting loose. To start, the campers circled up and chanted, “gnarly, gnarly, gnarly!” before slathering themselves and their bunkmates in colorful paints, dirt and mud. Fun!


Meanwhile, a new movement that has bubbled up this summer is #loveyourvoice. Song leaders offer blocks inspired by popular reality T.V. shows like American Idol and The Voice. No matter how musically talented you are, everyone has the opportunity to perform on the stage and feel like a star! The outcome of this program is grounded in the first rung of Tawonga’s Mission, to promote a positive self-image and self-esteem and to encourage campers to step outside their comfort zones.


Participants are paired up and choose a song from the Tawonga songbook that they sing on stage in front of their bunkmates. Audience members are given slips of paper where they write an adjective that describes the singer’s voice. The goal is to push back against what it means to be a “good” singer, and to just sing!


Song leader Elan L. told the campers a “little secret,”

I think Camp was made for experiencing new things and pushing people outside their comfort zone, whatever that means for you.


We hope campers continue to push themselves to try activities that challenge them in new ways!


Check out some pictures from the day, and stay tuned for this evening’s Tidbit and photos.