Putting on the Counselor Hat

Camp Tawonga counselors rock! These amazing counselors are key in shaping the campers’ experiences at Tawonga. Counselors wear three different hats at camp, acting as parents, cheerleaders and drill sergeants for their kids. They take care of their emotional and physical wellbeing, get them excited for activities and set clear expectations and limits when necessary.



The “parent” must be aware of all 12 campers’ physical and emotional well-being at all times. They make sure their kids are getting plenty of good sleep, showering, staying hydrated and eating enough food to keep their bodies healthy and nourished while at Camp. They are also responsible for their emotional well being and safety, making sure they are making friends, feeling comfortable in the group and happy to be here. Counselors help foster self-esteem in every camper with the goal that they leave Camp feeling more empowered and comfortable with being themselves than when they arrived. Once a week, each camper has a one-on-one check-in with their counselors. This is a time for campers to communicate any issues or concerns so that the counselor can address whatever is going on and continue to ensure that campers are having a great session.



The “cheerleader” is there to pump up the campers! They bring the energy, ruach and fun during every activity. Counselors are consistently positive and enthusiastic, getting kids stoked to do every activity at Camp.


Drill Sergeant

The “drill sergeant” sets limits and expectations, makes sure campers are on time and prepared for each activity and makes sure everyone is staying safe. Clear boundaries and structure ensure that kids remain both physically and emotionally safe.


Unlike many camps, our counselors spend approximately 20 hours a day with their kids. They eat every meal together, do every activity together and spend the entire day together as one cohesive cabin of 12 campers and two bunk counselors. This close knit and hands on experience ties directly in to Tawonga’s unique Group Centered Philosophy, which fosters a strong bond and deep friendships that often last a lifetime.


When counselors wear and balance all three hats effectively they are sure to provide a transformational experience for their campers.


Today’s gallery features photos of campers and the counselors that make Tawonga so special!


Session IV Gallery