River Time at Tawonga

Spending time at the river is a quintessential aspect of the Tawonga experience. The middle fork of the Tuolumne River, which flows for 149 miles from the central Sierra Nevada into the San Joaquin River in the Central Valley, runs right along Camp’s property. Campers and staff alike get to experience a unique sense of joy, rest, peace and beauty on hot summer days in a mere 10-minute hike downhill from the main area of Camp. It is a feature of Tawonga that truly sets us apart from other summer camps, contributing to the rustic and removed feeling here.  


There are many spots along the river where campers can experience tranquility and fun, including “Pipeline,” “Secret Beach,” “Lady Bug Cove” and “Paradise Island.” For all visits to the river, Tawonga makes sure that there is one staff member for every nine campers present, and a lifeguard to ensure the safety and enjoyment of all.


A bunk of campers might visit the river just to swim and cool down. Others might bring Arts & Crafts supplies with them to paint or draw along the water. For older campers, a very meaningful experience at the river is to participate in a mikveh, the Jewish ritual of cleansing one’s body and soul. Done in a uniquely Tawongan way, and often with the help of the Jewish Programmers to provide insight and context for the experience, campers walk away from the mikveh feeling empowered, more connected to their Jewish identity and bonded with their bunkmates.  


It is nature spots like the river that connect campers to the natural wonders within Camp! Whether relaxing on the sandy shores or swimming in the refreshing waters, the river continues to be a place of calm and serenity for our campers. What more could you ask for?


Below, enjoy some photos from campers’ visits to the river and other activities around Camp today. In addition to our traditional Session III Gallery, today’s post features a bonus gallery! Camper Aron T. brought his digital camera to Camp and has been photographing himself and his bunkmates in B-10 over the past two and a half weeks. His photos are highlighted below the Session III gallery. 

Session III Gallery

Aron’s Gallery

Today’s bonus gallery features photos taken by Aron T. and his friends in the bunk of B-10.