Rotations, Rotations, Rotations

**Camp continues to be safe, and the campers are doing well! As you all have now been informed, Campers will return to Merritt College in Oakland on Tuesday, July 31 at approximately 2:30pm in the same way they would for a typical end-of-session return, with all of their gear. We hope the campers can return back to Camp Tawonga on Sunday.  Session IV families have received email communications about these plans.**



This morning, campers ventured on Rotations with their Unit groups; Carmel (bunks 1s and 2s), Galil (bunks 3s and 4s), Eilat (bunks 5s and 6s), Haifa (bunks 7s and 8s) and Chalutzim (bunks 9s and 10s).

During Rotations, all departments introduced themselves and their activity offerings, or which “blocks” they lead. These introduction skits at each rotation assist bunks in deciding which blocks they want to try and enjoy this session.

They visited the song leaders and the music department along with Jewish programming at the Moadone.

Campers took swim assessments and became familiarized with that rules of the pool and different pool activities like Unit Swim, Free Swim and Floats, as well as boating at the Lake and river blocks.

The General Department of Programming, also known as the GDP, dominated the Stage, giving a sneak preview of all dance, drama, gnarly and general programming blocks like storytelling, shakshuka and other popular games like “water world.”

Garden, Teva (nature) and Arts & Crafts performed skits and sang song to introduce their activity offerings including Garden art, Garden snack making, jewelry making, tie-dye, watercolor, ceramics, bookmaking and more.

Units stopped by the Health Center where they learned about staying hydrated, applying sunscreen regularly and staying healthy at Camp.

Finally, every bunk stopped by the very best rotation station — the Blog’s Very Own Bunk Photo Booth!

Who’s up?

Enjoy bunk photos from Day One!

Who’s on deck?

Look forward to photos from Song Session and Opening Unit Activities.