SCITs Hit the Road

Today our SCITs (Specialists and Counselors In-Training) left for their three-day camping trip in Calaveras Big Trees State Park! This trip is often a highlight for the SCITs and a chance to connect to nature and bond together even more. On the itinerary is a Big Trees Walk, a river hike, bonding activities and time to relax too. The SCITs have been working hard and having a blast supporting our younger campers over the past few weeks, and this adventure is a great opportunity for them to come back together as a group before the session comes to a close. 

Meanwhile, back at Camp today, bunks were busy exploring a variety of activities, from Jazzercise and bike blenders in the Garden to a pool party and “Gender in Music,” which is a block that engages campers in a discussion on how gender and Jewish themes show up in our songs. We continue to be so impressed with our Session A campers – they’re fully immersed in their Tawonga experiences, building deep bonds of friendship, supporting one another and generally having a ball!