See You Next Summer, Session II!

This morning, we said goodbye to a fantastic group of Session II campers. Counselors and specialists sang the kids through a “Tunnel of Love” and onto the buses in the sweet sunshine of the last day of Camp.

Campers gathered by Unit to share final moments as a community and read aloud from their Memory Sheets, pieces of paper decorated with inside jokes and shared highlights from their session.

Then, all of Camp gathered at the Stage to sing traditional goodbye songs like “Leaving on a Jet Bus,” “Lean on Me,” and “Weave Me the Sunshine.”

Session II, we’re so glad you joined us this summer and we can’t wait to see you next year!

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Who’s up?

Enjoy photos from Unit gatherings and the “Tunnel of Love.”

Who’s on deck?

We’ll see you back on the blog on Sunday to welcome Session III!